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A note inside the small envelope left tacked up to Wilson's office door: - Parker was here. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A note inside the small envelope left tacked up to Wilson's office door: [Jun. 20th, 2005|02:00 pm]
[I Feel a Bit . . . |cheerfulcheerful]
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Dear Dr. James Wilson,

All day I've heard kids raving about something that was apparently wildly fun and involved huge amounts of watermelons. I just wanted to thank you, it's wonderful to see so many smiles.

There was a young couple and their four year old son that you invited as well. The whole family was having a really rough day and they wanted to make sure that you knew how much they appreciated what you did.

Thanks again,
Parker Flynn

[User Picture]From: jameswilson_md
2005-06-20 09:23 pm (UTC)
Even though it was his day off, he had swung through the office and thus had discovered Parker's note. Reading it through a couple of times he smiled gentle to himself and nodded.

Smiles were why he did these things. Even though they were minor infractions on the rules and occasionally got him in dutch with Cuddy or the Board, there was very little more important -professionally speaking- to James Wilson than the positive influence of out of the box medicine.

Getting to hear about the smiles, getting to hear about this young couple...that was worth all of it and he spoke quietly to himself.

"Thank you, Parker. That means a lot."

Nodding to himself, he was careful to stash her card in a spot where he could pull it out and look at it on those days when he needed to be reminded that there could be smiles in the hospital.
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