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[Private] - Mundane Journal Entry (MJE) [May. 23rd, 2005|12:45 am]
[I Feel a Bit . . . |restlessrestless]
[Current Sound |Entertain - Sleater-Kinney]

Well this sucks.

Josh has Lyla tonight so I'm sitting here, at my computer, wasting away the night, eating popcorn.

I don't even like popcorn. I only made it because I rented a movie and I was going to have some sort of fun evening. The movie was terrible. I turned it off after half an hour. When you realize that you are more interested in watching your dogs feet twitch while he has one of those little dog dreams it's blatantly clear that the movie is just not worth it.

And now I'm typing to myself. Sort of like talking to myself only this is permanently floating around on the world wide web. But I guess there are some perks to keeping an online journal. For one thing, you can't loose it.

I need to remember to send an e-mail to my dad with my new fax number. Can't do that now though. He always looks at the times that I send the e-mails and then writes back and tells me that I should be going to bed earlier. Still. It's not like he ever sleeps before 1 am either. At least I know where I got my insomniac genes from.

The tea kettle is whistling so . . .

Good night Live Journal! Sleep tight, don't let the viruses bite.

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